Black Leather Jacket

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Black Leather Jacket is
Alexander van der Wallen (24 vocals bass) Mathijs van der Wallen (22 drums backing vocals) Nicolas D'Exelle (24 guitars backing vocals)

garage punk rock 'n' roll psychedelica

for fans of
The Hives Ty Segall The Vaccines Black Sabbath Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

single 'Village People'
Studio Brussel: high rotation / #3 in De Afrekening (2019)
3FM Alternative (NL): high rotation incl. 2 weeks 'Stress' rotation (2019)

next single
'FFFreaks' 6 September 2019

album release
'Tranquillizer' 15 November 2019

finalist De Nieuwe Lichting 2017

live record
Suikerrock Festival 2019
Boomtown Festival 2019
Rock Herk 2019
Lokerse Feesten 2019
Crammerock 2019
Rock Zottegem 2019

Do you take your rock ‘n’ roll pure and undiluted?
Then the Antwerp trio BLACK LEATHER JACKET is your poison.

Distorted guitars, pumping bass lines and wrist-fracturing drums, but above all wonderful tracks that readily refer to such personal heroes as Ty Segall, The Hives, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Black Sabbath.

In 2017 ‘Troublemaker’ makes it into the finals of De Nieuwe Lichting on radio station Studio Brussel. This is followed by a period of unrelenting touring during which every youth centre, small venue and festival in the country are razed to the ground.

In 2018 the trio holes up in the GAM Studios to record their full-length debut and the result is nothing short of spectacular: the band has clearly abandoned the beaten path of Flemish polder rock and is developing an individual, internationally oriented sound: a mixture of unadulterated garage rock, punk and rock ‘n’ roll; feisty and in-your-face but at the same time layered and intelligent.
Turn that volume dial to 11 and blast 'Village People' through your speakers - you'll be pumping your fist in the air in no time, as you rearrange the living room furniture.

On top of this the lads from BLJ also exhibit influences from other, less obvious genres such as psychedelics and even a whiff of prog rock.

It’s their versatility that puts Black Leather Jacket on the shortlist for biggest sensation of 2019: wonderful, groovy and low-down rock singles alternate with ambitious, top-notch album tracks: a winning combination.

First single 'Village People' promptly ended up on Studio Brussel’s playlist and entered 'De Afrekening' hitlist in its first week, heading all the way up towards #3!