Bonfire Lakes

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Bonfire Lakes is
Marino Roosen (guitars vocals) Bert Vliegen (guitars keys backing vocals) Mathieu Wijckmans (guitars) Patrick Dubois (bass) Geert Luyts (drums)

indie rock sadcore dreampop americana alternative country

for fans of
Wilco Neil Young Sophia Damien Rice Sparklehorse Sufjan Stevens

singles 'Ghosts'
Radio 1 (B): evening rotation (2018)

single 'Two Sisters'
Studio Brussel: Zender rotation (2018)

EP 'Dead People'
out on CD (2019)

Album 'Leaves'
out on CD (2018)

live record
Muziekgieterij - Maastricht (NL) 2015 & 2018
Muziekodroom - Hasselt 2018 / support Sophia
Genk on Stage 2018
support tour Heather Nova 2014 (5 shows)

bio / 'Dead People' EP release text
Bonfire Lakes formed by singer/songwriter Marino Roosen, who gathered around him the cream of the crop of the Belgian guitar scene, stemming from bands such as Teen Creeps, Sophia, Rhinos are People Too and Fornet. They add the pepper and the salt (but also a bit of spice and vinegar) - or rather melancholic guitars, moving soundscapes and heavenly harmonies - to the dark, fragile and timeless songs of their frontman. The result is a wonderful blend of americana, singer-songwriter, dreampop, sadcore and postrock.

The “Dead People EP” is Bonfire Lakes’ third studio effort, following previous releases of a self-titled EP (2014) and their widely acclaimed debut album “Leaves” (2018). Their current EP is their most intimate and personal release to date, as it is a tribute to singer/songwriter Marino Roosen’s deceased father and grandmother.

The band went into the studio with little more than a few rough ideas and sketches, recorded the songs mostly live and arranged them rather spontaneously. The result is a beautiful, honest, melancholic gem and a big step forward for these Belgium’s indie favourites.

First single “The Keg”, an americana gem built-up around a naked groove and a weeping guitar which ends in a glorious, “pinfkloydian” outro, has singer Roosen assessing the depth of his relationship with his father, wondering whether ‘those three words’ are not unnecessary ‘when you can feel it deep within’. “Old Soul”, which emerges from the noise of vents and amps to finally erupt in a loud, curious climax, finds Roosen seeking comfort and consolation after his father’s death. “Song for Ma” is, except for the beautiful horns, Bonfire Lakes stripped down to its essence: a singer and his acoustic guitar, alone and fragile, grand in its simplicity. “Vacancy”, their most poppy effort, comes in like a steam train only to derail after a few minutes in a cacophony of sounds, lost voices and faded memories, leaving the audience with more questions than answers.

The “Dead People EP” is an EP to listen to – and to relisten – over and over, attentively, from beginning to end, for it contains details and surprises that might go unnoticed upon a first hearing