Ruby Grace

Ruby Grace

Ruby Grace is a 20-year-old singer from Belgium.
Her magnificent voice hovers between pop and soul, just like her great inspiration Amy Winehouse. Still Ruby Grace adds a touch of electropop...

She was often on stage with her covergroup, but from now on she is doing it solo. With her original sound and self-written songs she creates an intriguing atmosphere.
At a local festival she met Pieter-Jan Theunis and went into the studio together. She with her enchanting voice, he with his catchy electro beats.
Together with Willem-Alexander Langlet (also drummer with Emma Bale, Mortier) they now form Ruby Grace.
A first single, 'Lipgloss', was the result. The song is a fascinating mix of melodic butterflies, electronic flowers and real (!) honey. A mysterious, idyllic and floating setting that you will not let go. For boys who love kisses and girls who love lipgloss - or just the other way around…

A new single will be released in February 2019.

More news: very soon!