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she bad is
Lindy Versyck (vocals) Luka De Ceuster (drums) Gert Velghe (guitars) Bert Dewinter (guitars) (keys) Severin Caerts (bass)

indie glam garage

for fans of
Savages Brutus The Gossip Patti Smith Siouxsie & The Banshees The Runaways

discography singles
tba (2020)

she bad EP (self-released) (2019)

#1 Rockvonk 2017

live record
Het Depot Leuven. Beleuvenissen Leuven. Sonic in the City Kortrijk.


she bad is a Leuven-based 5-piece indie rock band.
Their emotional, dramatic, even slightly glam/symphonic style is notable.
The star of the band is the bewitching frontwoman Lindy, gifted with a remarkable voice: razor sharp with a slight quiver.

The quintet won the 2017 Rockvonk contest. Their self-released debut EP was presented at Het Depot in Leuven earlier this year.

For the moment the band is writing new songs.

The sky? The limit.

more elaborate bio: soon

she bad