The Haunted Youth

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The Haunted Youth is
Joachim Liebens (vocals, guitars), Hanne Smets (keys), Tom Stokx (guitars) + more tba

psych pop dream pop shoegaze

for fans of
DIIV MGMT Spiritualized Tame Impala Ariel Pink Cocteau Twins The Cure Slowdive

discography singles
Teen Rebel (2021)
new single - june 2021


charts/record general
De Nieuwe Lichting 2021: winner ('Teen Rebel')

charts/record singles
Teen Rebel (2021): #21 De Afrekening @StuBru - ongoing
Teen Rebel (2021): #8 VOX @Radio 1 - ongoing


The Haunted Youth is a newborn dream pop/psych pop outfit, based in Hasselt, Belgium.
Their music is reminiscent of present-day acts like MGMT, Tame Impala or DIIV as much as it does echo the sound of high school heroes such as Spiritualized, Slowdive and The Cure.

The Haunted Youth is here for you and is here to stay.

The Haunted Youth