Ugly Papas

On 7 October 2017, 23 years after their final release, Ugly Papas (finalists of Humo’s Rock Rally 1990) put out their third full-length album with ‘Atomium Pluto’.

In the early part of the 90s, Ugly Papas were one of the leading acts on the Belgian rock scene
with singles such as ‘Facin’ the Crap’, ‘Saviour’ and ‘Météorite’.
Their eponymous second album ‘Ugly Papas’ (1994) struck a chord with both the music press and music lovers but unfortunately the third album never happened.
Ugly Papas made way for the likes of Two Russian Cowboys and, more recently, ID!OTS.

But all’s well that ends well: ‘Atomium Pluto’ serves up ten full-blooded and previously unreleased Papas songs from the 1996-1997 period, recorded in part in the old Bucksom movie theatre in their hometown of Menen.
Mastered by Ultimate Dynamics Studio, Heule (Kortrijk) from the original DAT tapes, the tracks sound surprisingly fresh and trendy.
Frontman Luc Dufourmont’s howl (aka ‘Roste Luc’ from the TV series Bevergem (winner of the 2016 Humo’s Ha! award) chills the spine and master brain Dr. Dekerpel’s guitar parts leave no doubt as to his talent. The rhythm section (Dick Descamps on bass & drummer Rick Debruyne) sets the pace and makes the whole sound boisterously energetic and as tight as a duck’s proverbial.
Peppie Pepermans’ alt sax contributions lend the tracks an air of international class and let ‘Atomium Pluto' soar to unprecedented heights.

If the first two albums defied categorisation then the same is also true of the material on ‘Atomium Pluto' feisty voodoo rock, jazzy loops, Zappa-esque episodes and Fela Kuti rhythms alternately take centre stage.
Sun Ra cover and closing track ‘Satellites Are Spinning’ is vaguely reminiscent of The Doors’ ‘The End’,

The Papas surprised once again: don’t miss out!